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About Us

Simple Reads aims to enhance the online reading and note-taking experience by providing customization options, efficient navigation, and seamless integration with Google Docs for easy storage and organization of notes. It aims to empower users to read and interact with web content more effectively.


What is the idea behind the logo?

The logo's unique design has an interesting backstory. When creating it, I started by selecting a calming color, blue, associated with helpfulness and tranquility according to color psychology. For the shape, I aimed for something distinctive, akin to a canvas for individual creativity, inspired by artists like Picasso. Hence, I chose a diamond/triangle shape. In the center, I crafted a friendly face with a cloud overhead, symbolizing the app's helpfulness and leaving room for users to interpret it in their own meaningful ways.

The story

As a child, I faced the challenge of reading comprehension while nurturing my creativity. It was during these formative years that I conceived an innovative concept – a tool that could selectively highlight lines in a book, allowing me to concentrate on a single line at a time. Additionally, I dreamt of a feature that would enable me to take notes within the book, seamlessly transferring my thoughts beyond its pages. At the tender age of seven, I named this concept the "Reader Keyder" and documented it in my Idea Book. Years later, during my sophomore year, a revelation struck me as I was looking back on the pages: why not translate this ingenious idea into the realm of online technology? The answer was clear – I could, and there was nothing quite like it available on the market. My vision was resolute; I wanted to create a platform that would be accessible to all, free of charge, to assist as many individuals as possible in their reading endeavors. Thus, I embarked on the journey of bringing this concept to life, and today, it stands as a testament to innovation and dedication.